Center for People with Disabilities

General Information

Center for People with Disabilities
10317 Washington Street
Thornton Colorado 1 80229
(303) 790 1390

Brief Description

CPWD is a Center for Independent Living that provides the four core services of Advocacy, Information and Referral, Independent Living Skills Training, and Peer Counseling. CPWD also offers employment services, adjustment counseling services, and home health services.

Services Offered

  • Business/Personal Services
    • People with disabilities are provided assistance with activities of daily living such as transferring, bathing, dressing, eating, and toileting. Services offered, include: Skilled nursing, Certified Nursing Assistants, homemaking and personal care provider.

  • Counseling
    • Individuals are offered a minimum of 6 sessions where they can process feelings, beliefs, behaviors, and any other aspects of adjusting to a disability. Sessions are one-on-one and held in a positive, safe and confidential environment. Counseling is provided by a Licensed Professional Counselor. This service is available to individuals with a disability or their family and friends.

  • Daily Living Skills/Independent Living Skills Training
    • Individual services are provided in-home to those with vision loss who wish to learn or re-learn independent living skills. These skills are also covered in a group format at our low vision peer support groups. Home visits allow for the hands on teaching of specific skills. CPWD also offers classes at our Boulder location for people who wish to learn independent living skills, including people who are transitioning from custodial care into the community.

  • Professional Training
    • Staff trainings are provided to interested agencies on disability awareness and education.

  • Support Groups
    • Low vision peer support groups are offered across five counties and meet monthly. Groups are held in senior centers, retirement communities, and senior housing locations. CPWD also offers cross-disability peer groups held at the Boulder office.